Our Team

Global Leaders

Led by Chairman Youyu Zhu​.  With an EMBA degree, he later became a philanthropist, social activist, and strategic marketing expert. He is the founder and chairman of the World Human Accountability Organization(WHAO) and the XD(XiDian) Group.


The XD Group holds more than 40 subsidiaries in the world, and its business covers education, banking, insurance, environmental protection, technology, Internet of Things, trade, culture, clothing, mining, biology, telecommunications, aviation, cruise, tourism, e-commerce, fire control, smartphone chip and other industries.

This global leadership allows XD Global to connect with business leaders from around the world.

Business Development


Led by teams in New York and Beijing, the business development of XD Global is focused on serving international B2B decision makers.

With a network that spreads across every industry, the business development teams focus on building 1:1 relationships with our clients, to understand their needs, and offer solutions to help them grow.

This process has given XD Global a reputation of being a trusted partner for global business solutions.

Marketing and Research

The marketing team is a mix of experienced salespeople, skilled marketers, data analysts, and creatives.

With a focus on understanding each market's needs, our clients get the insights they need to grow their business.  We work daily on collecting data, analyzing data, and creating engaging marketing strategies that promote cross border brands.

This gives XD Global a unique advantage in terms of marketing and selling global brands.


XD Global is an international company driven to develop an efficient global exchange of products, services, and data for companies, organizations, governments, and individuals around the world. With branches in New York, Beijing, and Vancouver, our goal is continue to build a global network throughout the coming decade.

XD was established in 2018 at its new headquarters inside Manhattan’s iconic Chrysler Building. At the very heart of XD Global is a mission to surpass the current benchmarks in quality, trust, and credibility.

Our activities are shaped by a unique culture of international businesses and organizations, which allows XD Global to share various economic, cultural, social influences. XD Global blends and balances the best of many kinds of global values.

We believe that a unified vision and effort is necessary to build an efficient global trading platform. Join us in achieving this mission.

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