Solutions for B2B Decision Makers

Grow your business by making it more efficient in terms of product sourcing, logistics and fulfillment, and marketing to your target audience.  Find new products, save more money, and develop new sales channels.
Product Sourcing

Between increasing domestic costs and the growing pressure of offshore competition, the competitive landscape today remains extremely challenging. By implementing an effective international sourcing program, you enjoy the same benefits as offshore competitors, maintain a competitive edge, and sustain the viability of your business.

We will work directly with our network of manufacturers and suppliers to source quality products at competitive pricing.

Cross Border Marketing

Cross Border e commerce and trade are expected to experience tremendous growth in the coming decade.  Thanks to global connectivity, fast logistics, and efficiency in e commerce, brands can now grow internationally by targeting their audience through online and offline channels.

We work directly with brands, agencies, and distributors around the world to develop strategic global growth.


 Supply Chain Optimization 

Shipping, Sea, Air, Express, XD Global will manage your entire delivery process to get your products from the factory in China right to your door. 

We help arrange customs clearance, tax, insurance, duty, import permits and quarantine and calculate all fees for sending products to your warehouse.  We will make suggestions for shipping methods depending on how fast you need the products.  Additionally, we work with most major ports in the world and use the best contracted carriers to save you money.


Data and Market Research

Understanding markets is key to any company's success.  Decision makers need to know their advantages, risks, opportunities, and competitors in order to make better decisions for their business.

We research markets and collect data to help better inform our clients and their business plans.  This helps them increase sales, market share, and plans to continue growth.

Global Strategy

No more stress, no more headaches, no more failed strategies.  Stop arranging global expansion on your own and leverage XD Global's network of international suppliers, buyers, freight forwarders, fulfillment centers, organizations, and decision makers.


We will develop a strategy tailored to your business and industry, and connect you with the right people to increase your sales, brand, and data.


With innovation happening in all industries, it's important for companies to focus on researching emerging trends and technologies, and developing new products for their customers.

Being connected with every point of the supply chain allows our customers to continue their R&D projects without overspending their time and money.


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