Our Expertise

We're focused on achieving three major initiatives - becoming a trusted supplier in all markets, introducing new global brands in all industries, and building a global supply chain to promote efficient trade.
Supplying the US Market  

With access to over 200 trusted & certified manufactures, it is our job to make sure our client companies always have the best experience. We make sure we cover all the details and manage every aspect of the production process so that you can focus on growing your business.


We offer complete supply management from order to delivery. We believe that your best interest is our best interest and consider ourselves “partners” working together to help achieve success in your business.

Market Research & Data Analysis for US Market

With direct relationships with major US buyers and proprietary databases, we are constantly refreshing our analysis on the US Market.  We make sure to collect as much information on specific industries, geographies, and demographics to better understand the market needs.

We offer complete market research and data analysis for the US Market to any domestic and international company looking to increase their sales and market share.

Introducing Global Brands Into New Markets

XD Global can help support your brand and its development throughout the world to ensure it reaches the correct market. We focus on presenting a unique, enduring, and meaningful image to its target market which can be adapted to all local demands.

This includes introducing new brands from the US into Asian markets and vice-versa, finding unique brands from Asia and finding their niche markets in the US Market.

Building a Global Supply Chain

We help arrange customs clearance, tax, insurance, duty, import permits and quarantine and calculate all fees for sending products to your warehouse.  We will make suggestions for shipping methods depending on how fast you need the products.  Additionally, we work with most major ports in the world and use the best contracted carriers to save you money.

This is integrated into our plan to develop a complete supply chain to exchange products and services internationally at high efficiency. 

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