Growing E Commerce

Growing E Commerce

Meeting Pharmapacks, the #1 3P Seller on, to discuss ways to innovate the industry.

International Trade

International Trade

XDMS Group Chairman, YouYu Zhu, and GYLA Chairman, John Dickson, discuss WFTCPC, Global Young Leaders Academy, and the WTCA.

The Global Vision

The Global Vision

Breakfast held between WHAO and XD Global. WHAO is a NGO working alongside programs associated with the United Nations.


XD Global is an international organization driven to develop an efficient global exchange of products, services and data for companies, organizations, governments, and individuals around the world.

With branches in New York, Beijing and Vancouver, our goal is continue to build a global network throughout the coming decade.​  Learn more about our global team.


Our clients receive innovative solutions to keep their businesses competitive and successful in today's business environment. 

We help B2B decision makers find quality products and services, save costs, save time, and find new emerging markets for their brands.

  • Product Sourcing

  • Logistics

  • Cross Border Marketing and Sales



The month of January was very successful for our team in New York.  We met with several business decision makers who manage successful companies throughout the e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing, and trading industries.  

PharmaPacks, the #1 third-party seller on, discussed their business model and how they disrupted to retail industry with innovated e-commerce strategies.  Their office and fulfillment center, located on Long Island, has cutting-edge technology that allows them to ship over 250,000 packages a week.


2018 ended strong as we officially connected our New York team and Beijing team.  XDMS Group's headquarters, located in Tianjin, hosted XD Global for two weeks to discuss more efficient ways to connect the US and Asian Markets, improve current technologies, and research into future business opportunities.

With a team in New York and Beijing, our clients receive global solutions for their business - including product sourcing, logistics, and cross border marketing.

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Join a global network of B2B decision makers and grow your business, save costs, and find new emerging markets.

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Source your products at competitive prices, build international brands, and maximize your international supply chain. 

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